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7 Unique & Exclusive Home Selling Systems

The Todd Gulinson Team offers seven unique home-selling systems designed to streamline the selling process and maximize profits, especially beneficial during divorce and probate proceedings. Programs like Flip Your Own Home and Home Equity Accelerator empower homeowners to enhance their property’s value and access significant equity without upfront costs. The Home Swap Program facilitates buying a new home before selling the current one, while the Multiple Cash Offer Program creates competitive bidding-like experience to secure the best price. Additionally, the Off-Market Home Buying Program helps buyers find hidden gems not listed anywhere on the internet, and the American Dream Home Program allows moving into a new home before selling the old one. The Lease Back Your Own Home Program provides immediate equity without the hassle of relocation.


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Get to know our 7 homeselling and homebuying systems tailored for your needs. Check them out below.

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01Flip Your Own Home Program

The Remodel Your Home Now, Pay At Closing, otherwise known as The Flip Your Own Home Program, is great so you can greatly increase the value or sales price of your home with a remodel. In this program, you do not have to pay for the remodel until the home sells. This allows you to possibly get a much higher sales price and, unlike most payment structures, you do not have to fork out one-third of the payment in the beginning, one-third in the middle, and one-third at the end. Rather you pay for the whole remodel out of the proceeds of your sale. In a sense, you are flipping your own home.

02Home Equity Accelerator Program

The Home Equity Accelerator Program gives you up to 75% of the equity in your home before you put it on the market for sale. With these funds, you can pay down debt, put a down payment on a home, fix your current home so it will sell for more, or use the funds for how you see fit. It’s your money. If your home sells for more than anticipated when you initially received the advance on 75% of your equity, you get to keep that as well.
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03Home Swap Program

The Home Swap Program is an incredible opportunity to purchase a new home before you sell your current home and yet avoid having to pay two mortgages at the same time — even though technically you own two homes. This has many benefits. First, during the time you own both properties, the process is more affordable because you only have to pay the mortgage on the home you just purchased. Second, you can move into the new home at your own pace. Third, you have time to get your old home prepared for sale. Fourth, the program will even lend you up to $25,000 to do repairs or an upgrade at no extra cost and at a zero percent interest rate. You can therefore do a remodel of your home and possibly get more money for it. Finally, you no longer have to deal with the stress of showings because you will no longer be living at the home you are selling.
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04Multiple Cash Offer Program

The Todd Gulinson Team can get you up to a dozen cash offers, all at once and without going on the open market. The cash buyers are fully aware they are competing against other cash buyers. The result of this is an auction effect, leading to a fantastic price for your home. Because there is no appraisal, the price can soar above recent sales. The sky is the limit on price. There are no showings. You choose the closing date and there is no obligation to sell just because you received an amazing offer. Rather, you are simply seeing all your options, which, you might agree, is critical.

05Lease Back Your Own Home Program

Allows you to get your equity now and rent your own home back for up to two years. It requires you to sell your home in order to cash out completely. However, unlike a traditional home sale, you will remain a renter in the home. You can get a significant sum this way without relocating your family, and you are usually not responsible for property taxes or other home-ownership costs. If you think selling your home and leasing it back is a good option for you then this program will help you.

06Off-Market Home Buying Program

This program helps you find homes for sale that are not on the open market. The very fact that others don’t know these homes are for sale may not only get you your dream home, but you may find an amazing deal. Call the Todd Gulinson Team because he sells homes that most people don’t even realize are for sale. Your dream home may be among these hidden gems.

07American Dream Home Program

You can move into your new home today and sell your current house Later. Avoid the hassle of staging and listing your old house and get the highest offer possible.

If you’re in a hurry to move into your new home but worried about the hassle of selling your old one, the option to move in first and sell later might be the perfect solution for you. With this approach, you can enjoy your new home while taking the time to prepare and list your old house without feeling rushed. By avoiding the stress of staging and listing your old house, you can focus on making it look its best and getting the highest possible offer This approach can also be useful if you’re in a competitive real estate market and need to act fast to secure your dream home. With careful planning and expert guidance from us, your trusted real estate team, you can make a seamless transition to your new home and sell your old house on your terms.

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