Peoria Real Estate in 2001 started off at the same average price as Glendale Real Estate at just under $150,000. Then, while they both increased significantly during the housing bubble,Peoria ended up increasing to a little more than $30,000 in value than Glendale — to about $330,000 while Glendale’s value rose to almost $300,000. The crash happened which lead to the fall in real estate which reached its lowest point in 2011 — and in the case of both of these cities, the values fell slightly below the 2001 levels.   Since then, the difference between the average home price in Glendale and Peoria has increased to about $50,000 and has remained fairly consistent and only until recently the gap has closed to once again $30,000 in 2018.    The average price of real estate in Peoria in 2018 is back to about $320,000 while Glendale’s average price is around $290,000.

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