Stressed out after getting kids in school or traveling?

Unwind at VH Spa after a long day’s work and relieve your stress with fitness centers and workouts!
If you are burned out after work or after your travels, you can enjoy the services at VH Spa. They have fitness centers and movement studios that you can choose from. You can also spoil yourself through massages and saunas they can offer. They also offer spa treatments you can choose from.

VH Spa Specials

They have various spa specials each week. You can choose from Two for Tuesdays, Mid-week Mojo and Sunday Spa Party Package.

Two for Tuesdays includes two 60-minute services of your choice. It also includes two bottles of wine or two bottled waters for $200 which includes gratuity as well.

Mid-week Mojo includes 50% discounts on best seller treatments the spa can offer every Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Sunday Spa Party Package includes 90 minutes of spa treatment together with a glass of wine. This package has a discounted price of $109 instead of the original price of $190.

Some of the major services that the spa can offer are Mo’ Mojo, The Painkiller and Botanical Enzyme Special.

Mo’ Mojo includes Custom Facials, Deep End Massages, Classic Massages and Nail Services with 50% off. They offer 60-minute or 90-minute services that are still on discounted rates.

The Painkiller starts with aromatherapy sugar scrub then goes to deep body workout and stretching. Lastly, you will enjoy the painkiller cocktail poolside relaxation after the scrubs and workouts.

Botanical Enzyme Special includes special facial regimens from EA Pro. EA Pro contains powerful botanicals which delivers rosy, glowing skin while staying hydrated.

Check out more details on services and other amenities of VH Spa by clicking this link or click the image above.

They also give out fitness workouts, yoga or Pilates you can choose from.

Have fun and enjoy the relaxing treatments with VH Spa!

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