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Arizona boasts magnificent wonders of nature, but its unique offerings, such as homes with basements, pique the interest of homebuyers. Although not traditional, these homes present a distinct appeal. As such, it provides a cooler ambiance and feel for residents.
Basement homes in Arizona are considered a rare gem. Homes like this are prevalent in custom-built properties or high-end estates. Not everyone gets to experience a home with extra space, whether it’s for an entertainment room, home theater, guest suite, or a home office. In Arizona, you get to experience the wonder of desert living with a cooler retreat.
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The Benefits of Basement in Homes

Basements offer various benefits, including natural cooling due to their underground location, which is particularly advantageous in Arizona’s hot climate, leading to energy savings. They also provide additional living space for hobbies or storage, potentially increasing a home’s resale value. Moreover, basements offer protection during storms and serve as sound insulation, reducing outside noise in the main living areas.

Explore Basement Homes for Sale in AZ

Basement homes in Arizona, while uncommon, offer unique benefits and features that appeal to a wide range of homebuyers. It provides additional, versatile living spaces that are energy-efficient and comfortable, even during the hottest months. For those looking for a large, customizable home in Arizona, a basement property is an excellent option, combining the best of functional design with the conveniences of modern life. As the Arizona real estate market evolves, basement homes emerge as a unique option for those seeking something other than the traditional Southwestern home.

Homes with Basements for Sale in Cities of Arizona

Explore Arizona’s cities for your perfect home with a basement. Prices vary, so find the one that fits your budget.
Phoenix, Arizona, a city of sun and style, offers a variety of homes with basements. These unique properties range in price from the affordable $239,900 to the luxurious $1,999,000.
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In Peoria, Arizona, homes with basements are uncommon but available. Due to the warm climate and soil conditions, basements are more prevalent in newer, custom-built homes or certain neighborhoods, albeit at a higher cost. Expect to pay 10-20% more for a basement-equipped house due to excavation expenses. Basements offer extra living space, climate control, storage, and potential storm shelter benefits but may face moisture issues, higher maintenance costs, and limited natural light. Consider consulting a Peoria-specialized realtor for assistance.
Finding a house with a basement in Peoria requires some extra effort and may come at a premium price. So we’ve created this list of homes for sale with basement in Peoria.
Scottsdale, Arizona, a city of beauty and luxury, offers a range of homes with basements. These properties vary in price, from an affordable $1,299,99 to a luxurious $3,800,000. Whether you’re looking for a cozy space or a grand estate, Scottsdale has the perfect basement home for you.
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