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If you’re looking for horse property in Arizona, you’ll find a variety of options. These range from small horse farms, to large horse ranches, and even to luxury horse properties. The average listing price for horse property in Arizona is $545,390, and the average price per acre is $38,176. This state is a popular choice among people looking for equestrian properties. To get started, visit Arizona Horse Property search on this site, you will find the Horse selection on the bottom near the search button. This site will help you find the right horse property for sale, whether you want to sell or buy.
The state of Arizona is home to some of the most visually beautiful scenery in the United States, including the Grand Canyon. The state’s red-rock landscapes make it an ideal location for horseback riding. A horse property in Arizona can provide you with the space you need to ride, board, breed, and manage your horses. It can also offer room for stables and corals. If you’re thinking about investing in horse property in Arizona, it’s important to work with an experienced realtor who specializes in this type of property.
The acreage you choose to buy will depend on your riding plans and the number of horses you’ll have. While a smaller amount of land may be enough to start your horse business, you may want to grow over time. A five-acre piece of property may be sufficient for now, but you’ll probably want to add more land down the road.
Gilbert and Scottsdale have similar characteristics to Phoenix, but there are pockets of horse property in the area. Some of these properties are in the county islands of Maricopa County, while others are located in the desert. If you’re looking for a property with flood irrigation, you’ll find plenty of options.

Before purchasing horse property in Arizona, be sure to understand the local zoning laws. Just because the land is zoned for horses does not mean it will be permitted for other uses. A realtor will be able to help you understand the zoning laws in a community. You should also consider what the neighbors have done with their properties. This is important because you may find a property with horse privileges and then discover that it does not meet your needs.

The ideal property for horse ownership in Arizona should have enough shade for the animals and plenty of shelter from the sun. Arizona is known for its brutal summers and destructive monsoons, so horses need shade and shelter to avoid extreme weather. Fortunately, horse care in Arizona can accommodate all seasons. This is a great way to make your horse’s life comfortable and stress-free.
The perfect horse property in Arizona is not always the biggest. Some owners prefer a smaller ranchette. However, there are plenty of opportunities to find a property in a remote, rural area that offers plenty of privacy. A 4.5-acre horse property in Arizona is a rarity. It features a large yard, four bedrooms, and a gated entry.